Marketing with Youtube Videos

Marketing with Youtube

Updated December, 2016

YouTube marketing is still a very effective method for marketing your business. There are now additional options such as live events and hangouts on air that allow you to both upload video to a live event or conduct a live event through the YT platform.

These video uploads have often resulted in very good search results, quickly. To make the results stick, you need to do some more link building and promotion.

YouTube can be one of the most effective and efficient methods to get your company some serious exposure on the internet.

However, it isn’t enough to just put up a new video on Youtube and expect the world to find it. There are a number of factors that can mean the difference between success or failure.

1. Video marketing on Youtube requires a plan of action.

2. Plan the keywords you want to target and look at the audience demographics.  Try looking for keywords for video SEO research using Youtube’s own search results.

3. Who is your video going to be targeted at? If your promotion on Youtube is to get 18 year olds interested in your new sneaker collection, then you don’t want to be doing a boring bird watching video set to opera music. It won’t cut it. (If you want to see a brilliant example of a viral video, check out the Vodafail Youtube video.) That was Youtube marketing  at its with Youtube

4. Once you know your demographic, take a look at some of the other really popular videos focusing in the same target market. Don’t forget to look at your direct competition and see what they’re up to. 

5. If you’re camera shy, don’t panic, there are many ways to create great videos without the need to show your face on camera. Using free screen capture software, (like Jing or ScreenCast-O-Matic) you can show bits of your website, your sales page and any other images you like. You can edit your movies using Windows Movie Maker (free download – I’m not affiliated).

There is also the free version of Animoto that you can get as an app when you sign up for Youtube.

How to make your marketing videos work

  • Fill in your meta tags and all your information very carefully.

marketing with Youtube

  • Choose your keywords that you are targeting with the video and try for decent traffic with low competition (you need to look at the search results as well as the Google keyword tool).
  • Do the same with the description – make sure it uses long tail keywords instead of just repeating your main keyword.
  • Name your video the same as the main keyword you are targeting and upload it to Youtube.
  • Add your transcript.
  • Add keyword tags but don’t go overboard. 
  • Make sure you accept that your video can be a “suggested video”.
  • Find competitor’s channel names or real names and use these as tags so your video comes up for searches for that name.

Youtube Marketing Works!

The main thing to remember about a Youtube video is that most of the work begins after you have produced it and uploaded it.

You have to get your video out there. If you want to market with Youtube videos and you want to make it work, you need to get REAL views, likes and people commenting on it.

The first thing is to contact everyone you know and blast out to your social networks for people to “like” and watch your video.

Remind them to tell their friends. Since it is estimated that everyone on Facebook has about 200 friends, this can get you a lot of views very quickly.

Sign up to and tell everyone about your video. Do the same with Stumble Upon and some other Web 2.0’s as well as video sharing sites like Daily Motion, Vimeo etc

Embed the video on your own website with strong and unique meta title and description.

*** BIG TIP***

After your video has been “live” for a few months, it is worth refreshing the meta data (title and description) so that Google and Youtube see your video as having been updated.

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